How To Make a Chocolate Strawberry Cake With Sharp Edges

Chocolate Strawberry Cake is built using five different recipes.  Sure it may sound complicated, but you do it all the time without thinking about it.  Just think when you make a cake you are using at least two different recipes.  Here there are five different recipe to deal with.  No problems since this is a piece of cake. Hahaha!

There is

  1. The Chocolate Cake  (The Best Secret Chocolate Cake Recipe)
  2. Strawberry flavored (video is at Swiss Meringue Buttercream) this has the addition of strawberry jam so check out the recipe below
  3. Simple syrup (video at Simple Syrup) [quantities are different so I included the recipe and quantities here]
  4. Strawberry flavored whipped cream (video is at Flavored Whipped Cream with modifications, here again I have included a recipe and quantities for this cake
  5. Strawberry Flavored Gelatin Topping – see recipe below.

All of these recipe can be made ahead of time so when the assembly time comes it is only a matter of minutes.  And it does not take all day.

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How To Cut Cake Layers and Get Rid of Cake Dome

With a professional cake looking cake, you do not want it to be domed.  Trim it off is what you say!  So easy when you have the right technique and materials.

I like using cake that has been frozen and removed from the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes.  I get less crumbs this way, though it is a little harder slicing.

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How to Make Vanilla Sponge Cake

Vanilla Sponge cake is light and airy almost sponge like.  When I assembly and decorate a sponge cake, I like to make sure I sprinkle some simple syrup on the layers under the icing/filling to moisten the cake.  Sponge cakes tend to be on the dry side and this help moisten them up.

Can you make this at home, sure you can. You will find that homemade cakes are much better than box mixes.  You know what your ingredients are and best of all no preservatives.  Sure it make take a little more than than just opening up a box and adding some eggs, butter and milk, but this is so much better.  Follow along as I show you how to make vanilla sponge cake, share my recipe and show you in a video too.


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How to Cut and Assemble a Cake From Start to Finish Tutorial

 Cutting and Assembling a Cake is Easy once You Have Your Mise en Place (Everything Prepared)

Think about it.  What is the difficult part of almost any cooking project.  This is measuring and gathering you ingredients.  This greatly applies to baking and cake decorating.


What is the big saying in carpentry?  Measure twice and cut once.    Well the same rule should apply to baking.  Measure twice and do the recipe once.  How hard can it be to measure?  Thing about measuring a 1/3 cup of vegetable shortening.  Do you use the water method – or do you fill a 1/3 cup measuring cup.  And then the clean up.  How about measuring it by weight with a scale.  Zero the scale, add the shortening to the proper weight and you’re done.  But remember, always review you ingredients and measure them twice.

Lay your ingredients out after double checking them twice.  Then look over the recipe again verifying that you have the correct ingredient, correct amount specified, correct temperature and all your ingredients. read more

Assembling A Chocolate Cake

Today we are going to be filling and icing a cake.  This process is fairly easy once you have all of your ingredients ready.  The cake – my chocolate cake. The frosting – Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Simple Syrup. and Chocolate Ganache.

Along with a few simple tools. An offset spatula to help us spread the frosting, a turntable/lazy Susan to easily spin the cake.  A cake board to assemble the cake on.  A spoon for the ganache and last a pastry bag and tube for decorating and assembling. read more

Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Chocolate Ganache is one of those base recipes you can use for so many things.

  • Refrigerate until set and make truffles with it.
  • Refrigerate until set then whip it nice and fluffy and use as a frosting/icing
  •  When warm, you can cover a cake or a treat for a wonderful coating

Once you master Chocolate Ganache, play around with the many different things you can do. read more