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Hello everybody, I am Joseph, the owner of the Desserts101 channel.


I have dedicated this channel to anything cakes and desserts.  It has many cake decorating videos and recipes.

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How To Make A Wood Textured Fondant

You may have seen beach cakes, fishing and hunting cakes, picnic cakes and many others where there is something that looks like it has a wood texture and wondered, can I do this? Yes you can!  All you need is a few basic tools and some creativity and you will be making you own driftwood, signs and more.

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Cake covered with light blue fondant.

How To Cover A Cake With Fondant

Many people like purchasing/making cakes covered with fondant ( sometimes called rolled fondant or plastic icing or sugarpaste or Ready to Roll ( RTL) depending upon the country you are in. And you can even make your own – there are many marshmallow fondant recipes out there.)

You first start out by preparing your cake.  The cake gets crumb iced.  Remember, the way the cake looks with the crumb ice is close to the way it will appear once coated with fondant.  This means dips and bumps, frosting lines may all appear in the finished product.  Take you time and do the base right, it will payoff in the end.

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