How To Make The Best Coconut Walnut Cake

The Best Coconut Walnut Cake is so simple to make, you are going to say where was this recipe all my life.  While the walnuts can be omitted, I would not recommend doing that.  You can always use a different nut maybe even raisins or apples.  The choice is always yours.

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How to Make a Caramel Sauce

A good caramel sauce can be used so many different ways.  It is great on ice cream.  Makes a wonderful drizzle on cakes and cheesecakes.  It taste great on its own.  Caramel Sauce can be mixed in with any of the buttercreams to add a wonderful caramel flavor to it.  You must try this recipe today.

You can easily make this in the home kitchen.  All you need is a heavy bottom sauce pot or sauce pan.  Make sure you opt for a larger one than you think you will need because as the water starts to boil out it will create many bubbles and rise fairly high in the pan.

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Assembling A Chocolate Cake

Today we are going to be filling and icing a cake.  This process is fairly easy once you have all of your ingredients ready.  The cake – my chocolate cake. The frosting – Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Simple Syrup. and Chocolate Ganache.

Along with a few simple tools. An offset spatula to help us spread the frosting, a turntable/lazy Susan to easily spin the cake.  A cake board to assemble the cake on.  A spoon for the ganache and last a pastry bag and tube for decorating and assembling. read more

Simple Syrup Recipe

How to Make Simply Syrup My Way

Simple Syrup consists of only two ingredients.  Just water and sugar.  Simple syrups are used to add moisture and sometimes flavor to a cake.  Many times chiffon and sponge cakes can be dry so the syrup adds moisture.  Traditional wedding cakes used simple syrup.  My style of simple syrup is not very sweet and is very unlike most other recipes out there.  I also put a fair amount on the cakes I make. read more