How To Make French Baguettes

French Baguettes are traditionally made fresh daily.  I have developed what I believe is an easy version.  It used five basic ingredients.  Do not be alarmed if the dough is very sticky and wet.  This is a high hydration dough and it is supposed to be this way.

Baguettes make great toasted garlic bread to be served with pasta.  Another great idea is to them them into French bread pizzas by slicing the loaf in half, spreading sauce, cheese and topping and baking in an oven.  Use day old bread for French toast, bread puddings, croutons or bread crumbs.

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How To Make Parfait Glass Desserts

Using three different style of desserts cups, you will create 3 unique desserts.

  • Strawberry Cherry Custard Parfait
  • Nutella Walnut Dream
  • Tropical Heaven

As always you makes these desserts you own.  Change up ingredients into what you or your customer likes.  Remember to charge extra for the plastic dessert cups, some can end up being quite expensive.

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How To Make Jello Cheesecake (No Bake)

This is the best of both worlds.  A cheesecake layer and a gelatin later.  For the gelatin, pick flavors you like.  Vanilla is always a good choice for the pudding in the cheesecake layer, but feel free to change flavors. Least we forget the cookie layer,  Leibniz cookies   Leibniz Butter Cookies can be a little hard finding but well worth it.

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How To Make Quick Bavarian Cream

With only two recipes you can make the Quick Bavarian Cream.  Try you hand at it.  You are sure to fall in love with it.  Remember quality control sampling taste are OK, but please leave some for the finished product.  Better yet make a double recipe, then its one for you, one for me.  Enjoy!

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How To Make A Chocolate Log Cookie – No-Bake Cookie

It’s hot out and you are in the mood for a nice chocolatey cookie, but you do not want to overheat the house.  Simple solution, make some Chocolate Log Cookies.

Leibniz cookies    Store bought Leibniz butter cookies are transformed into a delicious chocolate log cookie. All you need is a stove top and you are good to go.

These cookies are best when refrigerated and sliced at serving time.  Enjoy!

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Flavored Whipped Cream Recipe

 Flavored Whipped Cream

Who would of though it would be so easy to make.  This whipped cream is made using heavy cream and instant pudding.  Since the instant pudding comes in so many different flavors, feel free to pick the flavor you desire and of course you may want to add a few drops of food coloring to let everyone know its flavored since we eat with our eyes.

Chilling the work bowl and the whisk in the freezer  before starting is a help because the cream whips best when chilled.

This whipped cream is stabilized by the instant pudding so there is no need to a gelatin mixture.  Also remember whipped cream is very perishable and should only be out of the refrigerator for less than an hour.  When used to ice a cake it must be kept refrigerated and it is best eaten the same day it is iced. read more