Cake Decorating for Kids (Beginners) using the Water Color Technique on the Sides and Multi-colored Star Flowers on the top.

My finished Easy Decorated Cake for beginners. I used a water color technique and a rainbow stars,

My finished Easy Decorated Cake for beginners. I used a water color technique and a rainbow stars.

Everyone asks me how to decorate a beautiful cake for a beginner.  Well, this cake is for you.  It looks fancy and people will think you spent a lot of time decorating when, with just a few tricks, you easily did it in a flash.  That’s right you can do it too.  Follow along and I will show you how it is done.

Starting out.  What supplies we need.

Ready to decorate the cake.

Ready to decorate the cake.

  • A crumb iced cake on a serving board.  For the cake I used my chocolate cake recipe and made4 layers and crumb iced it.
  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream – I would make a double recipe and leave half white, and the the remaining icing into 4 bowls and color the my desired shades of yellow, blue, green and red.  You will have plenty of icing left over for more projects.
  • Food Coloring – I prefer a gel/paste coloring
  • A decorating bag
  • A large star tip fit the decorating bag
  • Disposable decorating bags
  • Icing Spatula or a Bench Scraper
  • A cake decorators Turntable or Lazy Susan so aid in spinning the cake.

Water Color affect to the sides of the cake.

This impressive way to spread the icing will leave the wondering how did you do it!  And it is quite simple. Start out by piping a line of icing around the sides.

Next you smooth the sides by holding a spatula or bench and spinning the cake to smooth everything flat.  Once you have gone completely around you and make patches as needed.

Onto removing any icing on the top of the cake.  Since we will be covering the cake with stars, we only need to get the big pieces off and do not care if it spreads on the top.

Moving on to the piping/decorating the cake.

Prepare the multi colored filled piping bag.

We are going to fit a decorating bag with a large star top and then fill the bag with lines of colored icing.

Piping the large star outer border.

First you need to pipe a single row of large stars while holding you decorating bag straight up an down.  This will look very pretty if you can keep the decorating bag in the same direction (orientation)  as you move around the cake showing off the different colors from different views.

Fill in the remaining area on the top of the cake.

Fill in the area inside the border you just created.  Make you stars smaller then the edge ones.

Pipe White Bottom Shell Border

To a piping big fitted with an Ateco #866 French star tip filled with white icing, pipe shells around the base.


Admire you finished cake.  I told you it was easy and now you have done it!

Feel free to change out tips for different design and to use different colors of icing for your special occasion.



Watch how easy it is to decorate a cake using the Water Color Technique Sides and Multi-colored stars

Cake Decorating For Kids (Beginners) Water Colored Sides and Multi-colored Stars
Decorate a simple cake using advanced techniques which are super easy so make a beautiful cake everyone will ask where did you get it.
Recipe type: Instructional
Cuisine: Desserts
Serves: 1 cake
  • 1 crumb iced cake, your flavor(s)
  • 2 recipes Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • Food coloring - I prefer gel or paste in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green
  • Ateco #866 French Star Tip
  • Ateco #826 Star Tip
  • Piping bags
  • Lazy Susan or cake stand
  • Icing spatula or bench scraper
  1. Prepare you cake by baking and doing an initial crumb ice.
  2. Prepare you Swiss Meringue buttercream and divide and mix colors.
  3. Pipe rows of icing around the sides and smooth out to create the water color effect.
  4. Pipe the star border on the top edge and fill in with smaller stars.
  5. Pipe a shell border around the side base.