How To Make a Chocolate Strawberry Cake With Sharp Edges

Chocolate Strawberry Cake is built using five different recipes.  Sure it may sound complicated, but you do it all the time without thinking about it.  Just think when you make a cake you are using at least two different recipes.  Here there are five different recipe to deal with.  No problems since this is a piece of cake. Hahaha!

There is

  1. The Chocolate Cake  (The Best Secret Chocolate Cake Recipe)
  2. Strawberry flavored (video is at Swiss Meringue Buttercream) this has the addition of strawberry jam so check out the recipe below
  3. Simple syrup (video at Simple Syrup) [quantities are different so I included the recipe and quantities here]
  4. Strawberry flavored whipped cream (video is at Flavored Whipped Cream with modifications, here again I have included a recipe and quantities for this cake
  5. Strawberry Flavored Gelatin Topping – see recipe below.

All of these recipe can be made ahead of time so when the assembly time comes it is only a matter of minutes.  And it does not take all day.

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