Flavored Whipped Cream

Who would of though it would be so easy to make.  This whipped cream is made using heavy cream and instant pudding.  Since the instant pudding comes in so many different flavors, feel free to pick the flavor you desire and of course you may want to add a few drops of food coloring to let everyone know its flavored since we eat with our eyes.

Chilling the work bowl and the whisk in the freezer  before starting is a help because the cream whips best when chilled.

This whipped cream is stabilized by the instant pudding so there is no need to a gelatin mixture.  Also remember whipped cream is very perishable and should only be out of the refrigerator for less than an hour.  When used to ice a cake it must be kept refrigerated and it is best eaten the same day it is iced.

Now, lets get started.

Gather your ingredients and place in the mixing bowl.

Whip until soft peaks start to form then slowly add in the instant pudding mix.

When stiff peaks form you are done.  Remember not to over whip the cream because we do not want to create a flavored butter.  Enjoy.


Flavored Whipped Cream Recipe
Prep time
Total time
This is a simple way to flavor up whipped cream. Using instant pudding mix. You decide on the flavor and if you want the sugar-free version. Enjoy.
Recipe type: Whipped Cream
Cuisine: Filling/Frosting
Serves: 6 Cups
  • 3 Cups Heavy Cream, cold (may be called heavy whipping cream)
  • ½ package Instant Pudding (4 serving mix the flavor of the whipped cream desired)
  • Food Coloring, as needed
  1. Make sure to have you mixer bowl and whisk well chilled.
  2. Add the heavy whipping cream to the mixing bowl.
  3. Turn the mixer on to medium speed and start whipping.
  4. Once the cream comes to the soft peak stage slowly add in the instant pudding mix.
  5. Increase the speed to medium high and continue to mix. Do not over whip here. We do not want to turn this into flavored butter. Whip until stiff peaks form. If desired add a drop or two of food coloring.
Instant Pudding Mixes - Use ½ a box of the 4 serving size. It may be sweetened or sugar-free. The flavor you use is the flavor of the whipping cream you desire.

Items with Whipped Cream is very perishable. It must be refrigerated. The maximum time out of the refrigerator at serving time is one hour.

This whipped cream is stabilized by the addition of the instant pudding mix, but desserts made with whipped cream are best served the day they are made. Desserts will keep in the refrigerator a few days.


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