How To Make Parfait Glass Desserts

Using three different style of desserts cups, you will create 3 unique desserts.

  • Strawberry Cherry Custard Parfait
  • Nutella Walnut Dream
  • Tropical Heaven

As always you makes these desserts you own.  Change up ingredients into what you or your customer likes.  Remember to charge extra for the plastic dessert cups, some can end up being quite expensive.

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How to Make Chocolate Dessert Cups

Is there a better way to serve ice cream in a dish?  Sure there is.  Try a chocolate dessert cup.

These cups are easy to make.  Do not limit yourself to just cup cake liners.  Any kind of simple silicone mold may work. Also these can be used for more than just ice cream. . . . Imaging a lovely chocolate mousse or filled with candy for a party favor.  The possibilities are endless.

Try some today.

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How To Make The Easiest and Best Coconut Dessert (Coconut Cream Mini-Desserts)

The easiest and best coconut dessert is like an individual coconut cream pie served up professional bakery style.   Some supplies may be a little hard to purchase at the local grocery store but you should find them in any specialty bakery supply shop.  The acetate sheets is available in a roll or various size strips.  I must admit the individual desserts look awesome when presented and really make you feel you are getting something super special.

Can you make this into a pie?  Sure you can.  This would make a great coconut cream pie, just double the crust and triple the coconut cream.

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How To Make Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Nothing say love more than Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.  These make a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, Anniversaries and any special occasion.

With just a little fancying up you can take these up a level or two and make you own gourmet chocolate covered strawberries.  Give it a try, but a few candy cups and a nice box or two and you have a gift fit for a Queen.

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Homemade Pigs In A Blanket Recipe

There are many different ways to make Pigs in A Blanket.  Some people use puff pastry, others use those crescent rolls in a can in the refrigerated section of the supermarket and other make their own puff pastry. And to make things even more confusing, Pigs in a Blanket are not the same in all countries. For the meat you can use hot dogs, cocktail franks, Vienna Sausages, small sausages (1/2-inch (1.25 cm) diameter max,).

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How to Roll Out and Bake A Tart Shell

Using our Basic Tart Shell Dough we are going to roll it out for the tart pan.  Once in the pan it will be blind baked or baked with-out any filling.  There may be some times that you want to use an unbaked shell, for these times just roll the dough to make a shell and proceed with your recipe from there.

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Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

Red Velvet Cupcakes are so yummy.  The original Red Velvet batter was made by accident when the vinegar added to a recipe gave the cake a red tint.  Well in this modern age, we expect to see a red velvet cake  RED, not a brownish red, we want a bright RED, so food coloring is also added to color these lovely pieces of heaven.

I use a powdered red food coloring.  If you do not have access to powdered food colorings that is okay.  Check the notes section of the recipe for substitutes.

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