How To Make French Baguettes

French Baguettes are traditionally made fresh daily.  I have developed what I believe is an easy version.  It used five basic ingredients.  Do not be alarmed if the dough is very sticky and wet.  This is a high hydration dough and it is supposed to be this way.

Baguettes make great toasted garlic bread to be served with pasta.  Another great idea is to them them into French bread pizzas by slicing the loaf in half, spreading sauce, cheese and topping and baking in an oven.  Use day old bread for French toast, bread puddings, croutons or bread crumbs.

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4 loaves of the best dark rye bread

How To Make The Best Dark Rye Bread

This is the second rye bread I am sharing . Here I am using a dark rye flour and I have left out the caraway seeds.

This is another versatile bread.  It can be made into one big loaf, 2 loaves, small rolls, or even 4 loaves as shown here.  As with any bread you have plenty of lead-way how to go, the mixing techniques is the same, the differences come in with shaping and baking times.  Of course smaller loaves/rolls/buns will take less time than one loaf, so bake it until it’s done or hollow sounding inside with a golden brown crust.

Remember, once you try home made you will never want store bought again.

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How to Make Best Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread is my absolute favorite bread.  It tastes nothing like store bought.  This is soooooo much better.  And best of all it is not difficult to make.

Topping ingredients are optional.  Some suggestions, olive oil, garlic, granulated onion, coarse salt, crushed red pepper flakes, rosemary, grated parmesan cheese, basil, Italian spices, oregano to name a few.  Customize it to your tastes.

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How To Make The Best Bread Pudding

You have some day old bread going stale on you.  What do you do?  Easy many some bread pudding.     You do not have any stale bread, this problem can easily be solved by cutting you bread into slices and letting them sit out overnight unwrapped in a bowl to stale or if you are in that much of a hurry dry them out in a low oven about 200ºF/ 95ºC for 10to 15 minutes.

Bread pudding is an egg custard dish with bread soaked in it and baked. Yummy!

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How To Make The Best Rye Bread

How To Make The Best  Rye Bread

Rye bread is made out of a combination of rye flour and bread flour.  Rye flour does not have the gluten to support the formation of a light airy bread.  This is why you must add in some bread or all-purpose flour.  Rye bread may also contain fennel seeds.  This helps give rye bread it taste.  The fennel seeds are not required so leave them out if you wish.

This is an easy version of rye bread.  It does not use a separate poolish or preferment starter.  Try it, you will love it.

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White 4 Braid Bread Recipe

Today we are going to be making a White 4 Braid Bread from scratch by hand.  This means we will be doing all the kneading by hand and not using the stand mixer.  I am doing this to give you the experience to get in touch with your bread and show it is a labor of love.

While this recipes does not have eggs in the bread, I am using an egg wash to give a nice golden brown color on the crust and as a glue to hold our toppings.  You can replace the egg wash with some cream or milk which will give you a more duller color, but it will be just as tasty. read more

Dinner Roll Recipe

These are absolutely the best Dinner Rolls around.  Once you do home-made you will never want store bought again.

Do not be afraid by the 3 hour time frame to complete this recipe, the majority of the time is waiting for the dough to proof/rise/ferment.

You can easily make these smaller and increase the quantity or make nice 12 hamburger or hot dog buns.  The topping can be almost anything you wish.  An egg wash applied before you add the toppings will glue them to the bun. read more

Best Cinnamon Rolls Recipe


Nothing is more inviting that waking up in the morning to the smell of Best Cinnamon Rolls baking. The aroma given off by the yeast doughs proofing shouts out “Eat Me!


While it may look like it is complicated to make these Best Cinnamon Rolls, just take it one step at a time and breeze right through and in no time you will be enjoying your homemade Cinnamon Rolls.

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