4 loaves of the best dark rye bread

How To Make The Best Dark Rye Bread

This is the second rye bread I am sharing . Here I am using a dark rye flour and I have left out the caraway seeds.

This is another versatile bread.  It can be made into one big loaf, 2 loaves, small rolls, or even 4 loaves as shown here.  As with any bread you have plenty of lead-way how to go, the mixing techniques is the same, the differences come in with shaping and baking times.  Of course smaller loaves/rolls/buns will take less time than one loaf, so bake it until it’s done or hollow sounding inside with a golden brown crust.

Remember, once you try home made you will never want store bought again.

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How To Make The Best Rye Bread

How To Make The Best  Rye Bread

Rye bread is made out of a combination of rye flour and bread flour.  Rye flour does not have the gluten to support the formation of a light airy bread.  This is why you must add in some bread or all-purpose flour.  Rye bread may also contain fennel seeds.  This helps give rye bread it taste.  The fennel seeds are not required so leave them out if you wish.

This is an easy version of rye bread.  It does not use a separate poolish or preferment starter.  Try it, you will love it.

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