Yankee Candles

For my first product review I have decided to review Yankee Candles.  Yankee candles are available world wide.  In the US, they are available through Amazon.com and Yankeecandle.com and in Europe at YankeeCandle.com.uk.


I have reviewed 7 Yankee candles.  Yankee Candles is a premium candle production company which produces a number of scented candles which are constantly changing with the season.  I want to share my opinions of them.  As with anything there are some I like better than others.

Yankee candles are available in many different sizes.  Show is the large jar, the medium jar and a medium tumbler.  They are also available in a small jar.  The tumblers are available in small, medium and large.  Votive candles are also available.  Keep in mind that flavors change often especially with some of the seasonal scents.  Stock up while they are in season, who knows they may never return.  Not all sizes are available in all items.  So check around and check often.

Links are provided to the candles I have review.

Lets start with the candles I liked best.

Vanilla Lime – The aromas come through wonderfully.

Snow in Love – A very strong scented candle.  I really love it but I do not have the words to describe it.

Pink Sands – A really good one.  Smells very fresh and fills my room well.  A sweet pleasant aroma.

A Child’s Wish – This is my favorite on.  I really love it.  It is a floral scent.  Just buy it. Really, Really good.

Sparkling Snow – A wintry scent a bit heavy and Christmassy.  This is the candle I am burning right now.


These two are not my favorites.


Clean Cotton – This smells like clean cotton right out of the wash.  This is not my favorite for my room.

Candle Garden – This candle was very floral but the aroma did not seem to fill out the room.


Watch the video of my review.