Stacking a tier cake can always be a challenge for the novice baker. Everyone has their preferred way of doing it. I like using fat boba straws or bubble tea straws.  Use what you feel comfortable with.  This techniques works great with two and three tier cakes. If you are planning to do anything larger four or more layers, this requires even more support so this may not be the technique to use.

How To Stack Cake Tiers – Tutorial

Have you tiers ready to stack.  I use a fat boba straw (bubble tea straw) for my support.  To measure how to cut, insert the straw firmly through the cake.

Lift the straw slightly so you can cut it even with the top of the fondant,  once cut, press the straw firmly into the cake.  Continue measuring and cutting straws until the desired number of straws have been reached.

Add some buttercream and flatten, this will help hold the next tier in place,  Stack the tier in place.

Insert tiers as for the first layer.  Once your straws are in place, pipe some buttercream on and spread.

Stack the final layer on top.  Add borders to the base of the layers to hide the seams.

Add finishing decorations to complete your cake.

Finished cake.

Finished cake.


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