Know someone graduation soon?  Make them a graduation hat cake in their school colors.  Follow these simple steps and you will be the star with the cake.

Make a Graduation Cake

Gather the supplies needed.  Blue gel/paste food coloring, white,black and yellow fondant. powdered sugar/corn starch, rolling pin, pastry/pizza cutter, scissors, cardboard (for hat top), buttercream icing in a pastry bag, gloves, ruler, marker, cake of desired flavor cut into 4 layers. cake board. I iced a 4-layer vanilla cake with buttercream filling and buttercream crumb ice.  The fondant is the extra from the hat top.  I covered the cake off camera.

Take some white fondant, add blue coloring and knead in.  Looking for a grey fondant, so i add in some purchased black fondant and knead it in. Wrap the fondant until needed.

To measure for the flat top, place the cake pan on a piece of cardboard.  Marl a cut line.  Cut out with scissors.  Cost one side of the cardboard, set aside.

Roll out some gray fondant to cover hat top.  Place on top and smooth.  Trim excess fondant off leaving enough to hide edge of cardboard.  Set top aside.  Cover the cake with the grey fondant at this point and set aside cake.

Roll out some yellow fondant and trim to a rectangle.  Make cuts in the fondant for the tassel strings.  Bunch up the end of the tassels which will attach to the cake. Set aside.

Position the fondant covered cake.  Add some buttercream to the top to act as glue and hold the cardboard top in place.Position on cake.

Add some buttercream glue so you can attach the tassel and a ball of fondant for the tassel’s knot.

A few finishing touch and the cake is ready for the client.  Have a slice of cake!

Watch a tutorial on How To Make a Graduation Hat Cake