In just a few minute you too can create a fondant bow.  Give it a try, it is easier than it looks.  Don;t worry if you do not get the rectangle right the first time, we have all been there, that’s the way we learn.

Fondant and Tools Needed to make a Fondant Bow

Tools to make a fondant bow.

Tools to make a fondant bow.

  • Fondant – in this case red
  • WaxPaper
  • Pizza Cutter / Pasta Cutter / Sharp knife
  • Small Rolling Pin
  • Paint Brush
  • Water
  • Corn Starch
  • Two thick straws or dowel rods for use as a spacer

Making a Fondant Bow

Sprinkle some corn starch on work surface.  Roll out the fondant into a rectangle of the desired thickness, in this case less than 1/4-inch (6mm). Place the rectangle on the wax paper and using pizza cutter, trim the width to the desired height of the bow.  Next trim the length,remember, you will be rolling over the ends to form the loops.

Brush some water in the middle.  Using a straw as a spacer, roll over the fondant end to the center. Pressing to seal.  Leave the straw in place for the time being.  Repeat with the other side to complete the bow.  Pinch the middle together to create the center pleat.

Trim a piece of fondant for the center band of the bow tie.  Wet the back side of the bow to attach the band, Let the bow harden some before removing the straws.  Success, your fondant bow has been completed.

Watch Hot to Make a Fondant Bow Tutorial