You are serving cake, the icing sticks to the knife and makes the slices ugly.  Is there any way to prevent this?

Yes there is and this short video will  show you how to do it!.  All you need is a towel, a knife and a container of super hot water you can dip the knife blade tip.

 How To Cut a Cake Cleanly

Many cake have natural slicing guides built in.  Top decorations many times are evenly spaced around the cake giving you a free slicing guide.  This cake has 8 rosettes which makes it easy for me to get 8 slices out of it. So grab a pitcher of very hot water.  Dip you knife in it to clean/warm it.  Wipe the knife dry.  Make you slice.

After every slice. dip the knife back in the hot water, dry it off and make you next cut.

Warm and clean the knife again and lift out the slice.

Serve a clean cut slice of cake.

Serve a clean cut slice of cake.


Watch How To Cut a Cake Cleanly