You will find plenty of videos on how to fill and use a pastry bag, but very few on how to clean one.  This is your lucky day.  Today’s video is how to clean a pastry bag.

How to Clean a Pastry Bag

Start by removing and tips and coupler nuts. Thoroughly rinse the inside using plenty of very hot water. Turn the bag inside out,

Remove and couplers or tips. Thoroughly ring the pastry bag inside and out with hot water.  Apply soap and some water to a sponge and scrub the outside if the bag.

Turn the bag inside out. Thoroughly wash the outside of the bag,  Rinse with plenty of very hot water to get all soap off the bags, rinse inside and out.

Ring the excess water out of the bags. Hang the bags but the loop to drain our upside down on a drying stick.

How To Clean A Pastry Bag

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