This is the very first video I did.  I was a bit nervous, but we all have to start somewhere.

This is one easy way to create High Heel Cupcake. You can always make it fancier than what I did and do fancy icing boarders, but they are just decorated with toasted coconut.  Enjoy.

Before we start, we layout our ingredients.

Now we trim the graham crackers into soles and trim the cupcakes so we can attack the soles.

Time to ice the cupcake and sole.

Press the cupcakes and soles into decoration and glue the sole to the cupcake.

Trim the heel and add to the cupcake.  Enjoy you High Heel Cupcake. Feel free to decorate the high heel cupcake with icing as way you wish.  These are your High Heel Cupcakes and you can decorate them any way you wish.

High Heel Cupcakes
Prep time
Total time
Make some High Heel Cupcakes. I am showing you how to make basic ones. Feel free to get fancier and add icing borders, flowers and other decorations. Enjoy
Recipe type: Cupcake
Cuisine: Individual Dessert
  • Graham crackers or petit beurre
  • Cupcakes
  • Frosting/icing
  • Pirouette Cookies
  • Decorations - Sprinkles or toasted coconuts
  1. Gather all ingredients.
  2. Trim graham cracker
  3. Trim Cupcake.
  4. Ice cupcake
  5. Ice graham cracker
  6. Decorate cupcake and graham cracker
  7. Assembly cupcake and graham cracker sole
  8. Trim heel (Pirouette Cookie)
  9. Assemble heel with cupcake assembly.
  10. Repeat until all High Heel Cupcakes are completed.


Watch High Heel Cupcakes being created.