How to Make Vanilla Sponge Cake

Vanilla Sponge cake is light and airy almost sponge like.  When I assembly and decorate a sponge cake, I like to make sure I sprinkle some simple syrup on the layers under the icing/filling to moisten the cake.  Sponge cakes tend to be on the dry side and this help moisten them up.

Can you make this at home, sure you can. You will find that homemade cakes are much better than box mixes.  You know what your ingredients are and best of all no preservatives.  Sure it make take a little more than than just opening up a box and adding some eggs, butter and milk, but this is so much better.  Follow along as I show you how to make vanilla sponge cake, share my recipe and show you in a video too.


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How to Make a Caramel Sauce

A good caramel sauce can be used so many different ways.  It is great on ice cream.  Makes a wonderful drizzle on cakes and cheesecakes.  It taste great on its own.  Caramel Sauce can be mixed in with any of the buttercreams to add a wonderful caramel flavor to it.  You must try this recipe today.

You can easily make this in the home kitchen.  All you need is a heavy bottom sauce pot or sauce pan.  Make sure you opt for a larger one than you think you will need because as the water starts to boil out it will create many bubbles and rise fairly high in the pan.

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How To Make The Best Bread Pudding

You have some day old bread going stale on you.  What do you do?  Easy many some bread pudding.     You do not have any stale bread, this problem can easily be solved by cutting you bread into slices and letting them sit out overnight unwrapped in a bowl to stale or if you are in that much of a hurry dry them out in a low oven about 200ºF/ 95ºC for 10to 15 minutes.

Bread pudding is an egg custard dish with bread soaked in it and baked. Yummy!

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How To Make The Best Rye Bread

How To Make The Best  Rye Bread

Rye bread is made out of a combination of rye flour and bread flour.  Rye flour does not have the gluten to support the formation of a light airy bread.  This is why you must add in some bread or all-purpose flour.  Rye bread may also contain fennel seeds.  This helps give rye bread it taste.  The fennel seeds are not required so leave them out if you wish.

This is an easy version of rye bread.  It does not use a separate poolish or preferment starter.  Try it, you will love it.

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Cupcake Decorating Tutorial

 Decorating Cupcakes Tutorial

In a few minutes you an learn to decorate cupcakes at a basic level.  Sure they may not be the super fancy one, but they will me more than just cupcakes with icing spread on top.

It is not very hard to decorate.  As a matter of fact it is quite easy, it just takes some patience and a little time.  As you get better and better it will become second nature and you will be finished in no time.

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Cake and Cupcake Decorating Tools

My good friend Pastry Chef Gretchen Price is a former owner of Woodland Bakery in Chatham, NJ. She also operated two former web blog one as and the other was New site is Gretchen’s Bakery. You will find some of the best recipes on the internet. Gretchen also sell several cake decorating kits which I reviewed when she was “Crumb Boss” several years back.

While the information about the kits has changed (where to get them) the basic content remains the same and the technique to decorate cupcakes is unchanged

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