A quick tutorial on how to put together a 1/4 sheet chocolate cake (2 layers with hazelnut whipped cream filling), iced with stabilized whipped cream, decorated with sweetened coconut, icing, and Christmas themed picks.

We are going to be using stabilized whipped cream for the icing.  Pipe some icing on the cake serving board to hold the cake in place.  Place the bottom cake layer on tio and brush with simple syrup.

Build an icing dam by piping a border around the cake.  This dam serves to hold the filling inside.  Add the hazelnut whipped cream filling and level.  Place a cake layer on the top.

Use an offset spatula to smooth the sides of the cake.  Since I had a filled piping bag, I used that to apply the icing to the sides of the cake,  Smooth.  Also ice the top of the cake.  I was running out of icing which is why I ended up with some very thin spots.

Press sweetened coconut flakes into the sides of the cake to represent snow.  Pipe a green shell border around the top edge, Change to a leaf tip and pipe 3 leaves in one corner to represent a piece of holly.

Add 3 red holly berries to the center of the leaves. Use a large Christmas tree cookie cutter to make an impression on the cake top.  This will be a guide for the tree.

Switch from a leaf tip to a star tip and fill in the Christmas tree.  Sprinkle colored nonpareils on the tree to represent lights. Use some nutella whipped cream (brown) to represent the tree trunk.

Use the pre-made fondant snowflakes and space around the outside border. Use some coconut flake to represent snow under the tree . I also used it to cover up some thin icing areas.

Add some red squiggly lines to represent garland hanging at the top of the cake.  Add various Christmas themed decorating picks.  Change the red round top to the pedal tip and pipe a ruffle border around the base.

Happy Holidays!

The finished cake! Happy Holidays!

The finished cake! Happy Holidays!

Christmas Cake Tutorial Recipe

Christmas Cake Tutorial
Here are the items which go with the Christmas Cake tutorial
Recipe type: ¼ Sheet Layer Cake
Cuisine: Holiday Dessert
Serves: 1 cake
  • Cake Board
  • Large Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter
  • Pastry Bag and coupler
  • leaf decorators tip
  • star decorators tip
  • petal decorators tip
  • Christmas Themed Picks - Assorted
  • Pastry Brush
  • Knife
  • Fondant Snowflakes - fondant snowflake cutter, edible glitter
  • offset icing spatula
  1. Decorate per video.


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