How To Cut Cake Layers and Get Rid of Cake Dome

With a professional cake looking cake, you do not want it to be domed.  Trim it off is what you say!  So easy when you have the right technique and materials.

I like using cake that has been frozen and removed from the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes.  I get less crumbs this way, though it is a little harder slicing.

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How To Color Your Fondant – Best Way

You have seen those pretty cakes covered with fondant.  Sure you can buy colored fondant at the supply store.  Purchasing colored fondant is nice because you get the same color from container to container.  And if you are going to be using come of the more difficult colors to color – the famous reds and blacks – along with any deeply colored fondant you will find that it can take a lot of food coloring to color your fondant.

This technique will work on just about any type of fondant out there.  Purchased or homemade the steps are basically the same.  So lets get started.

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How to Make A Parchment Paper Cone

Sometimes you just do not want to dirty a pastry bag for just a writing or some other reason.  Maybe you are using royal icing and want a grease free cone or you are using piping get or thinned icing to do some writing.  A quick and easy thing to do is make your own paper cone.  It is easy and in no time you will be doing it with your eyes closed.

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Cupcake Decorating Tutorial

 Decorating Cupcakes Tutorial

In a few minutes you an learn to decorate cupcakes at a basic level.  Sure they may not be the super fancy one, but they will me more than just cupcakes with icing spread on top.

It is not very hard to decorate.  As a matter of fact it is quite easy, it just takes some patience and a little time.  As you get better and better it will become second nature and you will be finished in no time.

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Cake and Cupcake Decorating Tools

My good friend Pastry Chef Gretchen Price is a former owner of Woodland Bakery in Chatham, NJ. She also operated two former web blog one as and the other was New site is Gretchen’s Bakery. You will find some of the best recipes on the internet. Gretchen also sell several cake decorating kits which I reviewed when she was “Crumb Boss” several years back.

While the information about the kits has changed (where to get them) the basic content remains the same and the technique to decorate cupcakes is unchanged

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Baking Measuring 101

 Baking Measuring 101

Baking is not nearly as forgiving as cooking is.  When you are making a soup, a little extra of an ingredient does not make much of a different most time.   But in baking,  getting and extra 1/4 cup of liquids at a time can make all the difference between success and failure.

We are going to talk about measuring our ingredients.  In the United States most people want to measure everything using measuring cups, many time people only use a liquid measuring cup.  But are measuring with cups accurate? read more

How to Cut and Assemble a Cake From Start to Finish Tutorial

 Cutting and Assembling a Cake is Easy once You Have Your Mise en Place (Everything Prepared)

Think about it.  What is the difficult part of almost any cooking project.  This is measuring and gathering you ingredients.  This greatly applies to baking and cake decorating.


What is the big saying in carpentry?  Measure twice and cut once.    Well the same rule should apply to baking.  Measure twice and do the recipe once.  How hard can it be to measure?  Thing about measuring a 1/3 cup of vegetable shortening.  Do you use the water method – or do you fill a 1/3 cup measuring cup.  And then the clean up.  How about measuring it by weight with a scale.  Zero the scale, add the shortening to the proper weight and you’re done.  But remember, always review you ingredients and measure them twice.

Lay your ingredients out after double checking them twice.  Then look over the recipe again verifying that you have the correct ingredient, correct amount specified, correct temperature and all your ingredients. read more